Review of the year 2023: Even more starting opportunities

Our foundation family is growing: this year, we launched a sixth location to give more children from disadvantaged families in Pullach a real chance for their future. Together with the ongoing help for refugees from Ukraine, we now look after around 160 children with 100 coaches.

But we can only achieve this with your help! Please stay by our side in 2024. It’s in your hands: with your support, you can give children a better start. Every contribution counts!

Here is our review of 2023:

New location in Pullach

From 0 to 15 in one year: our foundation is now also there for children and young people in Pullach. After one year, the location has developed nicely.

On Fridays, the pupil Agoziem always stays extra long at Pullach elementary school. When other children are already off for the weekend, the nine-year-old works extra shifts in the classroom with his friends. Arithmetic up to 1000, tricky questions about turning left on the bike test and identifying local conifers: 15 primary school children now discuss all of this together with ten older coaches every week in Pullach. And this is just the beginning, as the waiting list shows due to demand from parents.

„The children’s development is impressive. Learning frustration becomes ambition. The bond between the pupils and their coaches grows stronger from week to week. They enrich each other. „

Claudia Wolf, Educational Coordinator

The success is measurable: Agoziem improved from a 4 to a 3 in math. And he wants even more: namely a 2 like in the other subjects – or even a 1. That’s why we also rely on intensive 1:2 or 1:1 support in Pullach right from the start. Each coach has to look after a maximum of two participants and can therefore respond to individual weaknesses with a great deal of empathy.

Agoziem regularly studies with Niklas from year 10. This has created a bond: as a friend and a great role model. „Working with the children is fun,“ says Niklas. „Because it’s not a chore for the children. They are happy to be here.“ He also used to have difficulties with math, „so I can put myself in their shoes and help them even better.“ Thanks to his experience at the foundation, he is now considering a career in the social sector. This means that the foundation not only benefits the children – but also the coaches.

Stiftung Startchance an der Grundschule Pullach Foto: Marcus Schlaf, 06.10.2023 gespeichert unter start18 SPERRFRIST: NACH ERSTVERÖFFENTLICHUNG IM MÜNCHNER MERKUR/TZ

Ukraine: Language as the key to integration

Arriving and learning German is particularly important for refugees from Ukraine. We have therefore set up a special support program for our 20 to 40 children.

Supporting refugees from Ukraine was also a focus of our work in 2023 – particularly at the Starnberg and Berg locations. The focus of the coaching was on language acquisition. We focused on three pillars: individual support for tailored German training, interactive learning apps on our laptops/tablets and instructions for self-help.

The time spent playing and romping around together outside of learning time also helped the refugees to settle in and make social contacts. Teachers confirm this: This is very important for integration into regular class lessons.

Stiftung Startchance an der Grundschule Pullach (Credit: Marcus Schlaf)

Development of the foundation team

Our team is a particularly good mix of experienced and young leaders. We receive important operational support through our collaboration with Cloud Monsters.

2023 will see a change in leadership in several positions – mainly due to age and other phases of life. We would like to thank all those leaving for their many years of great work. We would not be where we are without their commitment.

Coaches: Train The Trainer!

The training of our student coaches is becoming increasingly intensive. After all, they are our backbone and great role models with their skills.

This year, we focused on new lecture series, which our coaches traditionally attended on Saturday. This year’s focus included workshops on virtual learning, cyber security training on the sensitive handling of personal data on the internet, job application coaching and an educational game workshop for the playground. The coaches passed on the knowledge they had learned directly to the younger pupils.

We need your help!

Our enthusiasm is greater than ever: we want to give more and more children the chance of an education – regardless of their family background. Please continue to support us. We say a big THANK YOU!