The Startchance Foundation wants to offer children prospects for the future. This is our story: The foundation was established in 2014 by Prof. Dr. Wulf von Schimmelmann with the aim of giving children and young people good prospects for the future, whose family background does not automatically bring it with them.

The support offered by the children's foundation gives children the opportunity to reach their full potential regardless of their initial requirements. It is crucial for every young person, and for all of us as a community, to be given a real opportunity to develop individual skills and strengths at the start of life. Because only then can we be the colorful and socially permeable society that we want and that unites us.

The Startchance Foundation wants to make a small contribution to this with its remedial teaching and its sports and cultural activities. The promotion and support is long-term oriented and accompanies the pupils of all school types until they start working life, completely free of charge for the parents.


We have more than 80 older students (coaches) and experienced teachers who help children and young people from disadvantaged families. Through joint school and extracurricular support, they should get a better start in life.

The students work every Friday afternoon from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in study groups individually tailored to their needs. The focus is on language support and the post-processing of the learning content. The children are looked after by educators and older students who are personal coaches for them. These play a central role, because they often help the children to cope better at school.


Our laptop project teaches digital soft skills for everyone. Pupils from less fortunate families can also learn how to use digital media in a controlled environment at our foundation. Otherwise there is a risk of not being able to keep up.

At our locations, 50 Surface laptops and 24 iPad Air are used to promote learning. Together with the coaches, the children and young people use learning apps, search engines and Office applications. This is used, for example, to prepare presentations and write applications.


In addition to the focus on promoting learning, we also want to introduce the children and young people to culture, the environment and sports. This is intended to train social skills and general knowledge.


Would you like to offer your child a real chance?

Contact the Startchance Foundation at any time and without obligation! Here you will find the contact details of our service office as well as a contact form. We would be happy to send you our registration form if you are interested. We look forward to hearing from you and to meeting your child!


Our foundation's work is enriched by the active help of people who volunteer and give us their valuable time. In addition, our foundation is happy about any financial support - regardless of the amount! All donations directly benefit the young people and flow directly into the project work:

Foundation Startchance Donation Account
Bank: Uni Credit Bank AG
IBAN: DE65 7002 0270 0015 5320 66 / BIC: HYVEDEMMXXX

We look forward to your donation! You can also claim this as a tax-reducing special expense in your tax return. In addition to direct donations, you can also strengthen our basic assets: These are the assets that our founder donated to the Startchance Foundation when it was established and which may not be touched as a matter of principle.