Dawid stellt Stiftung auf Englisch vor

Die Stiftung Startchance wird international! Wir arbeiten momentan natürlich auch produktiv im Home-Schooling – und dabei hat unser Schüler Dawid Cybulski, 9. Klasse am Gymnasium Starnberg, im Rahmen der Englisch-Förderung ein Essay über unsere Stiftung geschrieben.

Der Text auf Englisch stellt unsere Stiftung, die Ziele und Abläufe vor. Thank You!

The foundation ‚Startchance‘

Since several years there has been a foundation at the grammar school Starnberg. This organisation helps people from the beginning up to the graduation. But what kind of people are exactly meant? The answer is easy to give.

Every student from every school, who has the motivation and ambition to develop himself in his academic knowledge on nearly every Friday from 2.p.m. to 5.p.m., is invited to come and study with the others. There are five different locations. One in Starnberg, one in Aufkirchen, one in Schäftlarn and two in Geretsried. At all these places students especially with migration backgrond are welcome. There is also a short break in the three hours of concentrated learning where the children can do sports activities or play knowledge enriching games.

Most of the participants show big improvement and get better grades since they have been studying at ‚Startchance‘. This is of course, not just for the children, but also for the teachers and coaches, who help them, a magnificent feeling, which you can only get there. The coaches, often other students from higher classes with of course better grades, help the younger ones to receive their grades. The foundation has been working for six years and is now one of the biggest if not even the biggest, learning assistance clubs‘ in the county of Starnberg.

 Healthy food and drinks are also provided . 

In truth the whole organisation is sponsered by sponsors from all over Germany. With the money it was possible to create this amazing educational support and also to pay the coaches for their effort. The ‚Startchance‘ offers very different trips too, fot example museums or well-kown castles like ‚Schloss Nymphenburg‘. The children also make friendships with each other and many of them also stay very long in the organisation, because they like to go there and study. If you want to find out more about it, you should visit the website of ‚Startchance‘ and maybe you could stop by and try it out if you need help or want to improve yourself.

That’s all you should know about the foundation, a wonderful organisation, which wants to help the students in the schools for free.

Dawid Cybulski, Gymnasium Starnberg